The most commonly played clarinet is the “B flat” or soprano clarinet. Follow these clarinet fingerings to begin learning notes on your instrument. Amro Music is your Memphis music store, offering everything you need for your clarinet. The note C that you play on the clarinet is also called the “written pitch” for the clarinet. To see the fingerings for other pitches, select … This is the standard fingering for G sharp/A flat, but it can be flat in pitch on some clarinets. The mouthpiece is about the size of a medium thimble, and the reeds are similar to large paperclips. The two pitches are the same and are called enharmonic equivalents. If you play the pitch “C” on your clarinet, it will register as a B flat on your tuner. Experiment with using different pinky keys to improve the pitch. Printable image of a A Flat (G Sharp) scale as written for clarinet. Like the trumpet, tenor saxophone, and soprano saxophone, it is in the key of B flat. The A-flat clarinet is the absolute smallest instrument in the clarinet family (unless we include decorative Christmas tree ornaments), measuring just over a foot in length.

a flat on clarinet

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