Its calls are deeper than the Indian ringneck parakeets, and it's alarm calls are louder, too. Two male Alexandrine Parrots for sale £250 each Good mannered talkative and hand tamed. We have 1 absolutely gorgeous 12 week old baby Hand reared african greys . Blue Front Amazon ; Double Yellow Head Amazon; Yellow Naped Amazon; Eclectus; Parrotlets; African Grey Parrots; Available Baby's; Contact Us; Blog; CALL 224-386-5954. 4 FA. The Alexandrine parakeet has a variety of calls, including ringing sounds, loud and deep "klak" sounds, and a resounding "gr-aak" call. Pets4Homes found 437 Parrots for sale. Alexandrine Parrot (Psittacula eupatria), Alexandrine Parakeet: Origin: India: Size: 23 in., 230 grams: Color Differences: The Alexandrine Parrot is often confused with other types of Ringnecks. Ad ID: 36715229 . Email me if interested and i can give an number for you to call :) Contact seller to confirm. £0. Parrots for sale. Baby Alexandrine Talking parrot. 2 year old female alexandrine parrot, semi tame, says hello and lots of whistling. Golden Conures; Green Cheek Conure; Crimson Bellied Conure; Sun Conure; Sun Cheeck Conure; Cockatiels. How to Teach Your Bird to Talk. 1 . Comes with cage. This advert is located in and around Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. Keep visiting our website because time on time we also announce the Alexandrine ringneck parrots for sale. Great family pets. African grey parrot for sale It is 5 months old easy to tame very alert very active and very playfully you can make him/her to talk or do tricks needs attention and attraction. Posted: New. Alexandrine Parakeet Colors and Markings . urgent. featured. Alexandrine Parakeet; Indian Ringneck Parakeet; Conures. Would prefer them to be taken together as they grew up with each other but this is negotiable. urgent. They are around 3 to 4 months old. Results Per Page Update Search . Loves a shower and the attention. Report this pet . Posted: New. Price. Manchester, Greater Manchester. May be able t deliver for cost just like other pet this bird can be a good companion and can be a good pet for children but need supervision.Very easy to handle and care but follow the guidelines and instructions. Ad ID: 36715229 . Sort By : « 1 2 3... 44 » Boosted Adverts. featured. Baby Alexandrine Talking parrot Baby Alexandrine Talking parrot ... hand tame or aviary bred, cash paid for reasonable prices, s... African grey parrot for sale. 3 FA. Alexandrine Parrot cost – Talking Parrots for Sale in UK: We are selling Alexandrine Parrot hand tamed babies from £225 and prices vary time to time. Extremely Friendly Baby African Greay Ready Now!!! Grey Cockatiel; Lutino Cockatiel; Albino Cockatiel; Amazons. £5000+ Keywords. Alexandrine parrot. Hi we are selling this beautiful Alexandrine parrot .

alexandrine parrot price

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