Unfortunately it is not possible for us to update the prices on our website in real-time. Simple Ikea Table Limon White Rectangular Home Computer Table Makeup Table, IKEA Ikea Ikea Helmer Drawer Cabinet With Wheels Metal Office Cabinet Ins Net Red Bedside Table Small Red Book Cabinet, IKEA ✙▽◆Sold Well In Hebei Province [] Simple Bedside Table Plastic Folding Steel Combined Single Receive Ark Ikea Modern, A-STAR [] Mila Bed Side Table in Whitewash (with lock), IKEA Export The Solid Wood Green Baby Cradle Bed With Wheels Neonatal Ikea Bedside Table Send Mattress, Homez Simona Series 3Ft Chest Drawer Modernist Design Solid Board Storage Cabinet - Hmz-Fn-Cd-7780-Wt. Keep your bedside simple and stylish and with the versatile Riva Side Table. If you are looking for Bedside Tables in Singapore, you can always get their best-sellers including ✨Ready Stock✨ Simple Bedside Cabinet Nordic Bedroom Bedside Cabinets Economical Small Storage Cabinets Simple And Modern Storage Cabinets, Free Delivery Brand New 3 Tiers / 5 Tiers Storage Cabinet Drawers Bedside Table and Free Shipping! Buy the best Bedside Tables in Singapore online and get discounts up to 80% off on your purchase! You can add a bedside lamp for some light reading before bedtime and store away your items for easy reach! Bedside Tables are an essential part of the bedroom. Bedside table 37x28 cm $ 12. The metal frame adds a casual and industrial feature to your interior design. At Wihardja furniture store, a wide array of styles are available - from Minimalist, Scandinavian, Industrial designs and even Balinese style! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. We are 100% online! Check out other home-related articles: Kitchen and wardrobe design tips; Home office ideas House cleaning services Buy sofas, beds, dining tables and chairs, mattresses, rugs and more at factory direct prices! Should a shop not offer prices in your local currency, we may calculate the displayed price on daily updated exchange rates. Instead of conveniently utilising easy-rusting steel roller tracks in the drawers, the sole drawer in the Berguna Sidetable glides in and out on wooden dovetailed slots, and is held in place with a releasable wooden catch concealed cleverly within. In 2020, you can get the cheapest Bedside Tables price for S$ 3.00 to S$ 9,443.00. In 2020, you can get the cheapest Bedside Tables price for S$ 3.00 to S$ 7,424.00. Use the Kal Teak Wood Side Table as a side table or a nightstand for a casual yet contemporary look. will be unique to each piece This is the beauty of the product and not a defect     Warranty: 6 months warranty against manufacture defects, Descriptions: Tommy Side Table EDD+ specialises in nature inspired, unique, eclectic, quirky furniture and decorative ideas to spice up your homes, spaces and environment Industrial inspired Side Table. An error occurred, please try again later. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Constructed with MDF wood, the outer surface of this piece is a printed wood grain laminate finish. The single drawer and sturdy bottom shelf are excellent for storing and displaying those weathered, leather-bound books which would look out of place on more modern display cabinets. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Shop now at Comfort Furniture Singapore! A lightweight piece of furniture that’s only 9kg, it comes with rubber stoppers to prevent it from moving around. you greater savings. Buy the best Bedside Tables in Singapore online and get discounts up to 78% off on your purchase! Crafted from solid teak wood, this piece will add a natural touch to your space. Width (cm): 39.3, Height (cm): 42.2, Depth (cm): 32.8, Width (cm): 30, Height (cm): 60, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 39.5, Height (cm): 58.5, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 32, Height (cm): 40, Depth (cm): 32, Width (cm): 35, Height (cm): 45.5, Depth (cm): 30, Width (cm): 42, Height (cm): 53.5, Depth (cm): 35, Width (cm): 48, Height (cm): 40.7, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 43, Height (cm): 36.5, Depth (cm): 34, Width (cm): 35, Height (cm): 65, Depth (cm): 30, Width (cm): 32, Height (cm): 58, Depth (cm): 32, Width (cm): 45, Height (cm): 60, Depth (cm): 45, Width (cm): 41, Height (cm): 43, Depth (cm): 36, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 46, Depth (cm): 43, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 48.3, Depth (cm): 39, Width (cm): 44, Height (cm): 57, Depth (cm): 39, Width (cm): 50, Height (cm): 56.1, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 42, Length (cm): 44, Height (cm): 66.5, Depth (cm): 35, Width (cm): 39.5, Height (cm): 60, Depth (cm): 39.5, Width (cm): 48, Height (cm): 48, Depth (cm): 41, Width (cm): 45, Height (cm): 45, Depth (cm): 31, Width (cm): 45, Height (cm): 50, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 43cm, Height (cm): 46.5cm, Depth (cm): 40cm, Width (cm): 46, Height (cm): 51, Depth (cm): 42, Width (cm): 44.2, Height (cm): 59, Depth (cm): 39.5, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 50, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 42.5, Height (cm): 50, Depth (cm): 45.5, Width (cm): 35, Height (cm): 86.5, Depth (cm): 35, Width (cm): 60, Height (cm): 55.5, Depth (cm): 60, Width (cm): 60, Height (cm): 60.2, Depth (cm): 42.2, Width (cm): 55, Height (cm): 60.4, Depth (cm): 42, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 60, Depth (cm): 45, Length (cm): 57.2, Height (cm): 69.9, Depth (cm): 38.1, Width (cm): 58, Height (cm): 56.3, Depth (cm): 42, Length (cm): 45, Height (cm): 61, Depth (cm): 35, Width (cm): 43, Height (cm): 61, Depth (cm): 43, Width (cm): 43, Height (cm): 59.5, Depth (cm): 42.5, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 47, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 76, Depth (cm): 35, Width (cm): 44.5, Height (cm): 54, Depth (cm): 44.5, Width (cm): 55, Height (cm): 52.50, Depth (cm): 46, Width (cm): 50, Height (cm): 56, Depth (cm): 39.5, Width (cm): 55, Height (cm): 50.5, Depth (cm): 39.5, Width (cm): 45, Height (cm): 52, Depth (cm): 35, Width (cm): 50, Height (cm): 62, Depth (cm): 42.5, Width (cm): 50, Height (cm): 52, Depth (cm): 39.5, Width (cm): 59, Height (cm): 59.8, Depth (cm): 39.2, Width (cm): 50, Height (cm): 65, Depth (cm): 32.5, Width (cm): 60, Height (cm): 55, Depth (cm): 48, Width (cm): 45, Height (cm): 46.20, Depth (cm): 45, Width (cm): 50, Height (cm): 70, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 65, Height (cm): 76, Depth (cm): 40, Width (cm): 45.5, Height (cm): 56, Depth (cm): 45.5, Width (cm): 60, Height (cm): 55, Depth (cm): 45, Width (cm): 44, Height (cm): 55, Depth (cm): 44, Width (cm): 30.4, Height (cm): 41.5, Depth (cm): 30.4, Width (cm): 31, Height (cm): 42, Depth (cm): 31, Width (cm): 38, Height (cm): 41.5, Depth (cm): 32.5, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 44, Depth (cm): 39, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 42, Depth (cm): 37.5, Width (cm): 36, Height (cm): 44, Depth (cm): 29, Width (cm): 40, Height (cm): 73.5, Depth (cm): 30. 90. On top of that, the butt joints are further reinforced with epoxy resin and nailed in for extra security. Delivery lead time is 4 weeks. Like our other teak creations, the Berguna Sidetable is firmly held together with traditional butt joints to retain the old school charm of the furniture. Materials: - MDF Wood frame - Printed wood grain laminate finish Features: - Scandinavian look & design - Comes with rubber stoppers - Table maximum load - 10 kg - Drawer maximum load - 4 kg Care Instructions: Dust with a soft, dry cloth. The tabletop can be removed; providing a convenient storage space to hold extra blankets or magazines, and any items that are commonly used. Shop 70+ bedside table designs in Singapore. Avoid using harsh household cleansers. GLADOM. The Lommie Side Table is a remarkable space saver as the tabletop can be removed to store items in it!The wire frame gives the table its airy character making it really portable, as compared to a regular table with a solid base. Depending on your preference, you can choose a Bedside Tables in several colors like Yellow, White and Silver. Giannis Multiple Purpose Unit (Full White), Agnus Side Table (White Base with Dim Blue Drawer), Agnus Side Table (Dim Blue Base with White Drawer), Giannis 3- Multiple Purpose Unit (Full White), Lommie Storage Basket Side Table (Pastel Yellow), Rommie Storage Basket Side Table (Pastel Yellow), Lowell Side Table in Snow White and Walnut, Kendall Side Table in Snow White and Walnut, Agnus Side Table (White base with Wood Drawer). Small or big, scandi or boho, explore our range of sizes and styles to easily match your bedside table to your bed! When you get any of our teak creations, you can rest in the knowledge that what you're bringing home isn't just any commonplace piece of furniture.

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