Bench press is an amazing compound exercise that mainly works your pecs – a.k.a. That means the arms are pressed outward and perpendicular to your body. No this is not some sort of disco move... rather it's the optimum bench press set up and motion. Muscles worked in the dumbbell bench press. The dumbbell bench press is a horizontal pressing exercise. Firstly the muscles worked on a bench press can’t be defined by one group as there’s many different variations you can use. Different variations will just focus on these muscles differently. The human eye is a keen observer of movement, and people tend to be impressed by athletic feats for their displays of gracefulness, power, or strength without needing to consider the internal complexities of the act itself. However, all types of bench press will mainly work the triceps, pectorals and anterior shoulders. Summary: Muscle worked from Bench Press. It promotes complete pressing strength , arm size, upper body power production and definitely tightens t-shirts. The bench press really does work almost every muscle in your upper body to some extent. The muscles differ from each type of bench press that you do. The primary muscles that are worked in a bench press are the triceps brachii and pectoralis major with the anterior (front) deltoids, traps & back as secondary muscles used in the flat barbell bench press. In summation, numerous muscles are worked from you performing the bench press. Traditional Bench Press – Pectoral Muscles, Shoulders, Triceps The Groove & Important Rules. Outside of your biceps, you’ll feel it in all of your major muscle groups. The main muscles used in this exercise are: Below is our fast list of which bench press exercises work which muscles. The Press: Muscles Worked. Because there is some confusion as to what role certain muscles have in the bench press, I have listed all of the major muscles in the upper body and listed their relative contribution to the bench press. While the bench press can benefit from a solid leg drive, the majority of the movement is produced by the muscles in the upper body.

bench press: muscles worked

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