Science has proven that, when we listen to music, our brains release dopamine. Want to contribute to the DIY Musician Blog? What would get you to stop and listen to an album in your genre? How to make cover art for your album or single — for free, How to Use Spotify Canvas for Cool Video Features, Verify your Spotify for Artists profile to grow your audience. Composing a catchy singable melody is what I am striving for. The feel of the music is tone. Listen to our podcast Build a website These are descriptive words that would make someone want to stop and listen to your music. . Artist: The Tikiyaki Orchestra If you’re still stumped, ask your fans on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. For example, “this tune has a warm temperature”(category 9), or “speaking over dynamic, this song has a smooth fade-out” (category 6) or to show off, “the music I am thinking of resembles a baroque fugue with polyphonic texture and complex harmonic structure” (category 3,7,8,9). 3. Description: Like many music lovers of his generation, JAMES YUILL has a passion for both the emotional songwriting and atmospheres of artists such as Nick Drake, Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens and the visceral beats and dynamic rhythms of Justice, Chemical Brothers…. Use the bio section to convey deeper info about the artist and their musical journey. Ask them to write a description of your music. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are you REALLY monetizing your music on YouTube? Gather all the best adjectives and descriptions and make them a part of your descriptive arsenal, so next time someone asks “what do you sound like?” you can say . It accompanies us on special occasions and sets the mood in movies and television shows. Beats-per-minute tell you exactly how fast a song is whereas classical trained musicians are used to work with tempo indications like, “moderato” or “adagio” which leave more room for interpretation. Dario, a german-born internet citizen, professional music producer, composer, teacher, blogger and internet entrepreneur who likes to help you become a well rounded music producer! Description: This California based trio creates a unique acoustic sound with pianos, guitars, ukuleles, and uplifting harmonies. Indeed, it has positive and beneficial effects. Music Copyright Guide For Indie Musicians, 7 ways to make money through your music website, What I learned from coaching three artists…. The style description is a couple sentences about this particular album. Do you agree? Don’t be afraid to commit to a description, as the good news is that you can make changes to it at anytime! Ask them to write a description of your music. Free musician guides Staccato and legato are actually elements of articulation. Artist: Sara K. In our times there are less agreed-upon musical forms but yet underneath the surface form still plays a big role, precisely because it is less rigid. There are many words to describe melody but this are the ones I use the most. To take it a little further than saying music is either happy or sad, try to express yourself … This is what they do for a living. Description: Face-melting guitar rock chopped and sauteed with heart-wrenching ballads, and elegantly garnished with thoughtful lyrics. Google for more instruments and instrument groups to enhance your vocabulary even further. Tempo is easy to comprehend because it is measurable. Description: Intimate and laid back, this newly released folk/blues SACD Surround Sound recording features concert harp, smooth vocals, new songs and new arrangements of earlier songs, taking you once again to the desert Southwest.

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