BeMiller, J. N.; Whistler, R. L., 2009. Nutr., 25 (5): 968-977. J. Sci. A constraint is its moderate palatability in land-based livestock (Leeson et al., 2005). The protein in CGM is insoluble in water and has high rumen bypass properties (Burroughs and Trenkle, 1978; Loerch et al., 1983; Stern et al., 1983). It is distributed worldwide. Guo et al. Alternative diets for the Pacific white shrimp, Anderson, J. S. ; Lall, S. P. ; Anderson, D. M. ; Chandrasoma, J., 1992. Rural, 39 (4): 1162-1168, Richert, B. T. ; Hancock, J. D. ; Morrill, J. L., 1992. Technol., 9 (2): 19-27, Yue Qun ; Yang HongJian ; Xie ChunYuan ; Yao XueBo ; Wang JiaQi, 2007. Protein hydrolysates are commercially produced for use in animal milk replacers, and as animal feed and pet food ingredients that have unique palatability and functional properties. Zootec., 40 (2): 391-402. Babbitt et al. A. G. ; Valadares Filho S. C. ; Pina D. S. ; Valadares, R. F. D. ; Detmann, E. ; Paulino, M. F. ; Diniz L. L. ; Fernandes, H. J., 2011. CAB International, UK, De Gracia, M. ; Owen, F. G. ; Lowry, S. R., 1982. Oils extracted from fish by-products are utilized in aquaculture diets. However, CGM hydrolysis treatment can result in peptides that are proven to have antioxidant properties. Two trials with dairy goats have resulted in contradictory results. Burr, G. S. ; Barrows, F. T. ; Gaylord, G. ; Wolters, W. R., 2011. Nutrient requirements of dairy cattle. Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) is a by-product of corn wet milling pro-cess and corn starch production. Bras. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, The healthy components of cereal by-products and their functional properties, Tamara Dapčević-Hadnađev, ... Milica Pojić, in, Sustainable Recovery and Reutilization of Cereal Processing By-Products, CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS OF COMMINUTED PRODUCTS | Nonmeat Proteins, Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences (Second Edition), Functions and Applications of Bioactive Peptides From Corn Gluten Meal, Nutritional Properties and Feeding Value of Corn and Its Coproducts, Amino acids, peptides, and proteins as antioxidants for food preservation, Handbook of Antioxidants for Food Preservation, Ajibola, Fashakin, Fagbemi, & Aluko, 2011, By-products from seafood processing for aquaculture and animal feeds, Maximising the Value of Marine By-Products, Food protein-derived peptides: Production, isolation, and purification, Proteins in Food Processing (Second Edition). It is superior to most other plant protein sources as measured by using a duodenal collection technique, which gives a relative bypass value of 2 compared to 1 for soybean meal (Klopfenstein et al., 1985). Corn gluten meal is also a source of energy, due to its high gross energy content (23.1 MJ/kg DM) and energy digestibility (more than 90% in ruminants and pigs). This can be corrected by using CGM as a source of bypass protein with another bypass protein that is high in lysine, such as soybean meal treated with additional heat or an aldehyde source, alfalfa meal, blood meal, or meat meal.

corn gluten meal

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