Privacy • One Octave Major and Minor Scales Xylophone Boltz Bands Concert C Major 7 Concert A Minor 13 Concert F Major 19 Concert D Minor 25 Concert Bb Major 31 Concert G Minor 37 Concert Eb Major 43 V.S. Disclaimer • A whole tone is to move from one given note to the 2nd next note immediately above or below it. download it without leaving this page). 2 0 obj Concert C Minor There is only one semitone between F and E. If you flatten F, it moves down one semi-tone to E. However, for the sake of theory and best practices we must include all the seven sharps and flats in any given This means on a music stave, every note has its own line or space - no 2 notes are on the same line except in cases where you have an ascending and descending scale where the first and last notes are exactly the same... C - D - E - F - G - A - B - C - B - A - G - F - E - D - C. If you need to calculate the notes in a descending order simply reverse the order of the step method. They all mean the same thing - some people prefer to use a Tone instead of whole tone or whole-step; a semitone instead of a half tone or half-step; a number representing total semitones instead of names... the choice is yours. or Whole and Half Steps, T - T - S - T - T - T - S : Indicates number of Semitones. When I was learning music theory, my teacher gave me 'sayings' to help me remember the order of sharps and flats in any given key signature. The D Maj Scale begins with the note D and ends with the note D. The F Maj Scale begins with the note F and ends with the note F. Use the step method to calculate the intervals between each note along with associated accidentals. 'Musictheoryguy' strikes again with another enthralling video which you will find extremely beneficial and loaded with useful information on the use of tones and semitones to create major scales... enjoy. << /Length 4 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Reader here (a new window will open so you can W - W - H - W - W - W - H your computer in order to open and read this pdf file. If you find these sayings hard to remember, make up your own and have fun with them. The easiest way to describe a tone and a semitone is to use a piano or keyboard instrument. I have found another excellent video on the net by the 'musictheoryguy'. We will use C Major as an example: Remember when calculating the 'descending', order, go to the last note (end) and work backwards towards the always move from the lowest note to the highest note, hence the reversal of the ascending order. If you are serious about music theory, you will find this very handy. The important thing is that you calculate the scale correctly. * indicates 'enharmonic' which is a note or key signature which is equivalent to another note or key %PDF-1.3 About • You can get Adobe We can determine all major scales by using the step method. Home • The following chart lists all the major scales, their sharps and flats and also the order of sharps and flats. You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on F - C - G - D - A - E - B, Order of Flats: By Energy And Diligence Good Children Flourish... k�1�%z���o?/_|�[����_^~�;���,_�i����z����o�淽~�3�+9�����V��Յ����������g�����۳������o���w����]���ߗ?�������O���k����]}��.ɥ�X�ڻK����?�����?��_����w3#LXC�f�)�.��F.�����o���O�������w������V��TWŗ_�ڿ��|���W���M�Kǚ�����e��}��� f|��jb���t�'���m֞�U�b��xs�L��c�����fGS�rМo�ez/�JKD���g��AktT�����VǠ%��/��6I����&��ʍ��+��Q�~f��"1���X��Q7�������m����-}���h���M�g���\����. : This indicates Whole and Half Tones The first letter of each word indicated the sharp or flat, and where the word lay in the sentence indicated its order. It explains how to calculate major scales using the Circle of Fifths. If you look at the order of sharps, the last two are E# and B#. If you want to view a video on how to create the circle of fifths, you can revisit minor scales (towards the bottom of the page). The following diagram describes the pattern of whole and half steps used to calculate any major scale - it is through the C Maj Scale that the step method is derived. Order of Sharps: Few Can Gain Distinction And Escape Blame... The following is a number of examples using the step method of tones and semitones to calculate Major Scales.

d major scale xylophone

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