The banana flower, while striking, is one blossom more at home in woks and pans than in vases and centerpieces. So, a banana flower can promote the production of red blood cells, thereby curing anaemia. You can also add it to curries as a vegetable, to soups and in stir fries. Every part of a banana tree is useful in some or the other way. Here's how eating a banana flower will help you, have a look! Each tier having a hand of 15 – 20 bananas. Doing that removes the chance of banana weevils attacking the base of the plant. Cut the stem at least 30 centimetres above the bunch and tie up in a sheltered position. The banana flower is rich in iron. Treats Anaemia. So that’s 150, 200 or even 300 bananas that will be ripe simultaneously. Then the flower is too old to eat raw. 1. You take a whole stalk of banana flower, some channa dhal, two onions, several red and green chillies, some cumin, turmeric, and curry leaves. With most buds weighing in at a pound or more, the petals, actually called “bracts,” are too densely wrapped to really blossom. Treats Irregular Menstrual Cycle . As for the examples of the cuisines made from a banana flower are: banana flower soup, banana flower nuggets, banana flower curry, sweet and sour banana flower, and so on. That’s a whole lot of fruit to eat through. Ensure the bananas are quite rounded without ribs, and the flower tips rub off easily. Iron is the main mineral that is required to keep the blood cells' production healthy. A typical banana plant might have a stem with 10- 15 tiers of bananas. He has a thicket of suckers that have grown for the base of just one plant. I tasted a chicken and banana flower salad in Thailand also. You soak the channa dhal and then grind it into a paste with the red chillies. There are many other things to do with that lovely banana flower apart from making this banana flower salad. Being tasty and tender as … Back in Thailand we even tried banana flower fritters with holy basil. Banana flower vada or vadai, are banana flower fritters, and they are delicious! 2. Banana Flower Recipes. Banana flowers is also known as banana hearts and is loaded with lots of fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus & Vitamin E. These beautiful flowers can be … The way you make them is actually not too hard. For those of you who own a banana tree with a kind of the mentioned, do not waste the flower when the tree bears fruit, it is better to process it into some kind of a special delicious dish. You can eat the flowers, fruit and stems of banana tree, its leaves can be used as plates and the bark can be used to make paper.

how to eat banana flower

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