The song was performed by Dr. John during halftime of the 2008 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans and again in 2014. Many of them were musicians, gamblers, hustlers and pimps. Jennie is also accompanied by four dancing girls in colorful outfits and a dancing man trying to persuade a subdued man. It was produced by Jerry Wexler and Harold Battiste. In 1967, as part of a lawsuit settlement between Crawford and the Dixie Cups, the trio were given part songwriting credit for the song. The song, Iko Iko by Bella Stars, is in the movie soundtrack Rain Man (1988). The original music video uses the 1989 remix which samples Woo! Musicologist Ned Sublette has backed the idea that the chorus might have roots in Haitian slave culture, considering that the rhythms of Mardi Gras Indians are nearly indistinguishable from the Haitian Kata rhythm. Crawford's version of the song did not make the charts. He threatens to "set the flag on fire". I also remember Justine Bateman (with Julia Roberts and others) sang it in the movie Satisfaction (1988). Chokma finha an dan déyè The Dixie Cups, Soundtrack: Full Metal Jacket. Browse our 9 arrangements of "Iko Iko." [2], James Crawford, gave a 2002 interview with OffBeat Magazine discussing the song's meaning:[2], Interviewer: How did you construct 'Jock-A-Mo?'. [33] This chant to invoke the Voodoo mystère Ogou Shalodeh is similar to "Iko, Iko" in both pentameter and phones. Liki, liki ô! After the Dixie Cups version of "Iko Iko" was a hit in 1965, they and their record label, Red Bird Records, were sued by James Crawford, who claimed that "Iko Iko" was the same as his composition "Jock-a-mo". episode of season 1 of ". Movie soundtracks to Iko Iko by The Dixie-Cups from the The Girl's Sound: Fifty Hits 1957-1966 album! [Cafarelli, Carl (April 25, 1997). The trial took place in New Orleans and the Dixie Cups were represented by well-known music attorney Oren Warshavsky before Senior Federal Judge Peter Beer. The song was originally called 'Jockamo,' and it has a lot of Creole patois in it. The trio started out singing together in grade school. The most successful charting version in the UK was recorded by Scottish singer Natasha England who took her 1982 version into the top 10. [20], The Grateful Dead performed Iko Iko several time in concert. [11] Joe Jones successfully licensed "Iko Iko" outside of North America. Captain Jack's version was a hit in several countries, reaching number 22 in Germany, number 62 in Switzerland and peaking at number 16 in Austria. "[2], In the 1990s, the Dixie Cups became aware that another group of people were claiming authorship of "Iko Iko". Web. [9] Although The Dixie Cups denied that the two compositions were similar, the lawsuit resulted in a settlement in 1967 with Crawford making no claim to authorship or ownership of "Iko Iko",[10] but being credited 25% for public performances, such as on radio, of "Iko Iko" in the United States. Crawford: It came from two Indian chants that I put music to. Chaque amour fi nou wa na né [citation needed]. "Iko Iko" was like a victory chant that the Indians would shout. [30] Both groups were frequently taken in the slave trade, often through Haiti to Louisiana. However, due to manufacturing variances, the limitations of your monitor resolution and the variation in natural exterior lighting, actual colors may vary from the images you see. Test your MusicIQ here! [31], Louisiana Voodoo practitioners would recognize many aspects of the song as being about spirit possession. The tribes used to hang out on Claiborne Avenue and used to get juiced up there getting ready to perform and 'second line' in their own special style during Mardi Gras. "Jock-A-Mo" was a chant that was called when the Indians went into battle. The practitioner, the horse, waves a flag representing a certain god to call that god into himself or herself. On the bridge, a line from the Thunderbirds episode Ricochet is also heard on the remix. Find your perfect arrangement and access a variety of transpositions so you can print and play instantly, anywhere. Some music scholars say it translates in Mardi Gras Indian lingo as 'Kiss my ass,' and I've read where some think 'Jock-A-Mo' was a court jester. The original band members were Barbara Ann Hawkins, her sister Rosa Lee Hawkins and their cousin, Joan Marie Johnson. It was originally released several years earlier on Stiff Records in 1982 as a single in the UK where it peaked at a modest number 35 on the UK Singles Chart in June 1982. The Dixie Cups version was the result of an unplanned jam in a New York City recording studio where they began an impromptu version of "Iko Iko", accompanying themselves with drumsticks on an aluminum chair, a studio ashtray and a Coke bottle. Jacouman causes it; we will be emancipated What does it mean? Papa Ogou Jacoumon, Think you know music?

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