In this blog post I will be sharing with you a brief introduction to DSLR camera lenses and some helpful tips if you are planning to buy one. Even the most brightly constructed lens with pristine optics and a blazing f/1.whatever can still be the wrong tool for a particular purpose. As an indie filmmaker, especially a low-budget indie filmmaker, we are always looking for ways to optimize a very limited number of resources, and for most of us, the most limited resource is money. No, I really do. Be aware that when choosing a camera lens, contact the lens seller to make sure that the new lens will fit your camera model. I want you to forget all that. 1. There are several reasons for this diversity. Purchase Your First DSLR Or Mirrorless Camera With A Kit Lens. When you know how to use your camera lenses the possibilities for your photography really start to take off. The term lens is applied to a piece of glass or transparent plastic, usually circular in shape, that has two surfaces that are ground and polished in a specific manner designed to produce either a convergence or divergence of light. A camera without a lens is useless to a photographer. The beauty of 35mm SLR photography is the vast range of lenses available, a range unmatched in any other format. The lens is what focuses light from what you see through the viewfinder into a tiny, (typically) 35mm spot on the back of your film, DSLR, or mirrorless camera. You'll be able to choose different looks for your images, just by knowing which camera lenses to use for the shot you're taking because different focal Lents of lens give your photos a different look. For all their glory, camera lenses are tools, and every tool has its purpose. To me, the most common 3 types of lenses are: Wide angle / Super wide angle lens: This lens is great for panoramic, architecture, and interiors. If you remove the lens from your camera, the only kind of image you can produce is white light. While there are some specialty lenses like Voigtländer's 12mm Heliar and soft focus lenses made for some medium format cameras, almost any lens imaginable is made for the 35mm SLR. Introduction to Camera Lenses. Introduction to Lenses. It is also used to capture large group of people in one photo. Introduction to Vintage Russian Lenses for Indie Filmmakers. The term Kit Lens refers to the lens that comes bundled with many DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The two most common types of lenses are concave and convex lenses, which are illustrated below in Figure 1. Why should I care about old Russian camera lenses?

introduction to camera lenses

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