You pretty much hit the nail on the head @lostaccount. They hire very smart people and dumb them down by assigning stupid tasks with no support. Far from it, they are just not on the same level as your typical Caltech grad. Just be warned, there are a lot of weird geeks here but you could be one of them. Covid-19 offers non-elite students their best shot to attend the most-elite schools, Say it here cause you can’t say it directly- the get it off your chest thread (Part 2). Since Caltech is considered one of the best schools in the world, you'll be likely put on the top of lists when applying to Chemistry jobs. So yes, it's worth it. It shows when you go to the interview and speak with a Caltech grad vs. a small liberal arts grad. In the end, whether or not you should apply is up to you. And, as /u/rchemistry said, getting in would only be the beginning. A lot of the grad students here are from smaller colleges which focused more on undergrads, so that's something to think about. Really across the board from chem bio to inorg. There will be a lot of anecdotal evidence to the contrary (after all not everyone goes to Caltech) but the fact of the matter is they have an awesome reputation for a reason. If not, then don't. I would say it is undeniable that you would get a great education in Chemistry at Caltech. Share #2. leaguemaster420 52 replies 13 threads Junior Member. HR/legal is like the Third Reich. Should I consider trying to take AP Studio Art. The list price at Caltech was $66,774 in 2016-2017. level 2 So yes, it's worth it. At the same time, it is also very true that you can get a great education in Chemistry at many other schools, including less prestigious institutions. Take graduate-level courses in your senior year when you usually have elective time anyway. If the chance of getting in is worth it, then apply. Since Caltech is considered one of the best schools in the world, you'll be likely put on the top of lists when applying to Chemistry jobs. As a grad student you can really appreciate this because it all about the research but as an undergrad I think for the most part you are not involved unless you make an effort. February 2016. I am a huge proponent of large state schools because they give students many different opportunities, but it is definitely true that students need to seek opportunities out for themselves. In October 2001 it was announced that he had donated $600 million to Caltech - a record at the time. Caltech is a pressure cooker. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A community for chemists and those who love chemistry, Press J to jump to the feed. Only you can really answer the question of "worth" based on your particular situation. Note: I'm not saying small liberal arts graduates are not qualified or stupid. And the research opportunities and the immense funding means you'll find projects that are worth your time. People here have lots of academic and industry connnections. 2021 UCSF Fresno Summer Biomedical Internship (SBI). Long story short: if you want to go far in chemistry Caltech is a great place to be. Caltech’s endowment is $1.8 billion (£1.1 billion). However if you put in the work get some research under your belt, really there is no place you can't go. Provost Stolper is an arrogant dictator. For the most part, undergrads are just learning and getting a sense of chemistry as a discipline. Its most prominent benefactor is Gordon Moore, a Caltech PhD graduate and co-founder of the Intel Corporation which developed the microprocessor. That said, to do this I had to seek out opportunities on my own (i.e. And will have saved yourself a huge amount of money. If you are planning to go to grad school, save your money and go to a decent state university or less expensive private school. How does the importance of prestigious national colleges vary by region? research) and had to dive deeper into the material than the lecture did itself. You will then be well prepared for any graduate school you want to attend. As a grad student it is fantastic because there are many professors here that are just killer. Caltech, is a crazy school. 1.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Work/Life Balance ... Cons. Do not speak out or exercise an employee right or you'll be retaliated against. I am graduating from a flagship state school next month, and I believe that I obtained a quality education in Chemistry. If you apply, all you will be out is the application cost and the time to apply.

is caltech worth it

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