A typical shawarma sandwich contains healthy fats such as monosaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. Cook once; eat thrice: this chicken shawarma recipe makes a satisfying single-serving dinner, plus extra chicken, potatoes, and onions that you can use later in the week. Chicken Shawarma became an irrevocable obsession with the realization that I could recreate similar flavors at home. I’m not sure how it started precisely, but it’s here to stay: my undeniable infatuation with healthy, tender, ultra flavorful chicken shawarma. Chicken Shawarma Recipe. This is because of the fact that chicken is quite affordable and gives less health concern to others. With only the ingredients we love and want; nothing else. A big Mac is not. Hummus, avocado, tahini, olive oil…all fattening , healthy and delicious. Instead, they use olive oil and healthy fats to substitute health damaging oils. Shwarma is real food. Marinated shawarma holds the number one spot when it comes to best-loved and most recommended shawarma types in the world today. The good thing about Middle Eastern dishes is that they are less in fatty ingredients such as lard and butter. And it wasn’t even hard.

is shawarma healthy

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