Dual Kettlebell Floor Press; 20X0 Tempo; 10-12reps; rest 45sec x 6 sets, A3. Get stronger, faster, and more powerful with a kettlebell. Now that you're fully aware of just how awesome kettlebells are, let's check out five workouts you can do while traveling with just one kettlebell. So how can you use them more frequently in That's about where the similarities end. Single Arm KB Rack Carry R 70/53 Let’s get started! rest 90sec. Give our Functional Bodybuilding kettlebell workouts a try and feel the difference! Ste. In this warmup, the 3030 tempo means move smoothly down for 3 seconds, then up for 3 seconds, with no pauses at the top or bottom for all 10 reps. 6-8 Half Kneeling Single Arm Kettlebell Press @ 2111 tempo *resting as needed between exercises and sets – if you feel good you can move through this without rest between sets. If you’ve got to squeeze a quick workout in at home or in the middle of a hectic workday, you can still get a great burn without the setup of a full body workout. All rights reserved. Two are beginner workouts, two are intermediate, and one is advanced. The breaks between sets will give you just enough time to recover, but the length of the workouts will test your technique and fitness under fatigue. 30m/arm; rest 60sec x 3 sets. 5 Explosive Kettlebell Workouts & Exercises to Bulletproof your Body Used for hundreds of years to build strength, conditioning and toughness, Kettlebells are the real deal. 12-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible): Arnie is a hero WOD, a workout named for a fallen military serviceman, police officer, or firefighter. Ready to put it all together into a full body kettlebell sweat sesh? 5 Dual KB Rack Squats 40X0 6 Push Ups He is survived by his wife Lori and daughter Sophia Grace, born three weeks after his death. 3 Dual KB Rack Reverse Lunges 20X0 (per leg) The banded monster walk will activate your abductors – great for preparing for deadlifts for better glute recruitment, and your hips will be working some abduction which can support a strong pull! 1 Dual KB Clean More and more gyms are stocking a wide variety of kettlebells these days as well, which is great news if you want a simple way to increase your strength and build muscle without busting out the barbell. You can fly with a kettlebell, just be sure to check it instead of carrying it on. if you break and have to come down between 30 and 60sec then the set is over. 5 Kettlebell CrossFit Workouts. Quality of movement is not usually the priority with a commonly referred to statement that “best movement will yield best times” but no clear strategy on how to get there. I'll never forget my first time working out with a kettlebell. Chris Castellano is the author of Fit For Travel and has been featured on The Points Guy, Blacklane, PolicyGenius, and The Travel Wins podcast. The half kneeling position is an awesome way to introduce some instability that will wake up your brain for training and challenge your balance and ability to control your movement. Superset (alternate) B1 and B2 before moving on to Part C. *Use assistance as needed to ensure you hit the exact tempo prescribed – that’s 2 seconds down, 1 second pause, eXplode up, hold chin over bar for 1 second. Grinder effort workouts will get your blood flowing, but the movements intentionally keep you from racing too fast. Functional Bodybuilding warmups are a fun and easy way to experiment, and it only takes a few minutes to wake up your brain and body with some fresh kettlebell moves. Stay light here especially to begin! 10 Kettlebell Jefferson Curls 3030 Tempo (use a light kettlebell, or even a dowel here if you are new to this movement – the focus is on mobility here instead of strength). We’re going to show you some typical CrossFit kettlebell workouts, and their Functional Bodybuilding alternatives that add more nuance and complexity to your training. 30sec Side Plank/side. Add 1 more kettlebell swing each minute.This workout, from Pete O’Donnell, a level-3 certified coach at Reebok CrossFit One, is going to sneak up on you., a level-3 certified coach at Reebok CrossFit One, is going to sneak up on you. But here at Functional Bodybuilding HQ, we use them in our online programs and our one to one work with clients for so much more: Whether you’re a CrossFit fan, a bodybuilder, or a general fitness enthusiast, we all want to look good and move well at the end of the day – and having a few kettlebell-only workouts in your pocket will come in handy to provide variety to your training and help you out in a low-equipment situation. rest 15sec 30sec Dual Kettlebell Rack Wall Sit 53/35 (suggested weight for men/women, or adjust as needed) End with a … Directions: After a five-minute dynamic warmup, complete as many rounds as you can of this three-move workout (with no rest) in 10 minutes. Can you keep a gym behind your couch? Substitute row as needed with any cardio equipment, running, or jump rope. 10m Quadruped Crawl Forward Death by Kettlebell Swings Start by doing 1 kettlebell swing in 1 minute. Single Arm Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift; 4010 Tempo; 6-8/arm; rest 45sec x 6 sets, A2. The movements generally lend themselves well to power output in CrossFit style workouts and therefore can feel like a big dose of intensity.

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