Biologists measure catches in a couple of ways. She caught it on a clown-colored, Berkeley flicker shad on the canal just east of Oneida Lake. When he got the fish back to Cedar Hill Resort where he kept the family cruiser, the bass weighed an ounce less than 12 pounds and measured 27 inches in length and 21 2/3 inches in girth. Was This The World’s Largest Smallmouth Bass? Growing up, I mainly fished small creeks and rivers for bronzebacks. Smallmouth bass are hands down my favorite fish to target. Naturally, it was the biggest smallmouth anyone had ever seen. The world record for a smallmouth bass is 11 pounds 15 ounces, and that record has stood for more that half a century. Smallmouth bass showed the largest post invasion weight gain, followed by yellow perch. Length (in.) list of 50 biggest smallmouth bass caught in Texas. biggest smallmouth bass. The top five rivers that could hold your trophy smallmouth bass are New River, Detroit River, St. Lawrence River, Snake River, and Columbia River. As avid smallmouth bass fishermen, we are all trying to catch the trophy smallmouth bass that live deep inside of the rivers and lakes we fish. Between 2015 and 2018, President produced 127 smallmouth per hour of sampling effort. Rank Water Body Weight (lb.) Over sixty years later, Hayes’ catch not only holds up as the Kentucky state record, but also as the all-tackle world record. First, they look at catch of smallmouth bass per hour. To put it simply, they’re just bad to the bone. Not surprisingly, those two stretches also hold the most and biggest smallmouth bass. Smallmouth Fishing. Date Angler State Record Water Record Their looks, curiosity, habitat and ferociousness are a few reasons why they top my list. Fun fact: In 1955, the Kentucky state record smallmouth bass was caught by David L. Hayes on Dale Hollow Lake. We are going to help President and Kennerdell, in that order, are tops here. Here, she holds up a smallmouth bass that weighed in at 4-pounds, 2 ounces. Christopher Smith Feb 26, 2018 1.

largest smallmouth bass

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