Much of this footage has never seen an official release by The Beatles, Apple Crops. It is unclear if this footage was from any work print or potential cut of the film. Keep in mind, though, that music is a very personal thing. And I go into every album wanting to love it, so that’s my starting point for every review. Peter Jackson is working on a new Beatles film culled from the many hours of 1969 studio footage that were the source material for the 1970 'Let It Be' documentary. Director Lindsay-Hogg has said in interviews that the cameras were not rolling when George quit. Photo: ©1969 Paul McCartney / Photographer: Linda McCartney. VERY BAD- Almost no redeeming qualities 1. Many scenes involving Lennon and his girlfriend/eventual wife Yoko Ono, which according to Lindsay-Hogg, “the other three (McCartney, Harrison, and Starr) didn’t really think that was appropriate because they wanted to make it a ‘nicer’ movie.”. all-new documentary film featuring never before seen footage from the "Let It Be" recording sessions However, the tense atmosphere from both unresolved issues from The White Album sessions and the cold stark environment of Twickenham, lead to in fighting within the band and their guitarist George Harrison briefly quitting the group. Some cut footage would make it into “The Beatles Anthology” series. Jackson said, “I was relieved to discover the reality is very different to the myth. Peter Jackson to spearhead new Beatles in-studio film drawn from ‘Let It Be’ footage Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John … When a rough cut of the film was first viewed on 20 July 1969, the band expressed discomfort with how revealing the film managed to be. Lindsay-Hogg has stated that the rough cut was about an hour longer than the final version. This can be found on. The audio tapes were retrieved by Dutch police when the homes of Stan Snelleman and Jos Remmerswaal(founders of Yellow Dog Records) were raided in 2003. In the end, it’s still just my personal opinion, which is inherently biased, and which you may or may not agree with. ► CHECK OUT MY MUSIC ROOM:► HOW I RATE ALBUMS:10. The final film shows no evidence of this ever happening, with only a scene where band members John Lennon and Paul McCartney are discussing what to do. Hopefully, once in a while, we’ll find common ground.Track X Track is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Compiled from over 55 hours of unseen footage, filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969, and 140 hours of mostly unheard audio recordings from the “Let It Be” album sessions, “The Beatles: Get … In 1992, the film was remastered for a home-video release. Apple Corps Ltd Filmmaker Peter Jackson has been tapped to turn 55 hours of never-released footage of the Beatles recording Let It Be into a new movie. The rehearsals became the recording of their proposed next album and the television special had now become a documentary feature film. Compiled from over 55 hours of unseen footage, filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969, and 140 hours of mostly unheard audio recordings from the “Let It Be” album sessions, “The Beatles: Get Back” is directed by Jackson and produced by Jackson, Clare Olssen (“They Shall Not Grow Old”) and Jonathan Clyde, with Ken Kamins and Apple Corps’ Jeff Jones serving as executive producers. GOOD- Solid album with a few great songs 5. What was intended to show the Fab Four’s music making from a fly-in-the-wall perspective ended being much more, showing the estrangement and bitterness that had grown between them. Outtake footage sourced from a black and white videotape has appeared on bootlegs and YouTube. NEW YORK - The Beatles’ farewell documentary “Let It Be” is getting an encore, and a reinvention.

let it be footage

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