Members; Experts; Other; Be the first to post a review . It has a reasonable 4-litre capacity and is easily refilled through a large flap opening. We opened the main doors half a dozen times a day and used the InstaView a couple more for good measure. Prices are ordered from lowest to highest, irrespective of retailer rating or stock. Powering comfortably into an exclusive club of all-time favourite fridge freezers, the GSX961NSAZ is stylish, practical, technically excellent and energy efficient. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy. This Utility Box is ideal for smaller items such sliced meats and cheese. after 3-hour fail (Celsius), Max. We are not able to show every possible retailer and cheaper prices may be available. The GSX961NSAZ is a lush stainless-steel-finished fridge freezer with plenty of toys. Is there anything I should watch out for. Because it has a 601 litre capacity, there’s plenty of space for an array of burgers, sausages and kebabs, as well as copious amounts of tasty desserts. First month only £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel any time, We'll show you where this model sits on the scale so that you can see how it compares to. Our review reveals whether it provides a safe home for your food. Based on 144 reviews. Not only does this fridge freezer deliver plenty of actual space on paper, we found the layout and furniture allowed you to make the most of it for real too. The result was about the same at 5.9kWh. At roughly 400 litres of fridge space and 200 litres of freezer space, the answer is ‘plenty’. When it’s closed its manages to look a steely mirror black. That low fluctuation will certainly ensure you fresh food stays fresher for longer than an old freezer with wider temperature fluctuations. That’s all but unheard of in US-style side-by-side models. When you open the big door on a tall fridge freezer such as this, cold air simply falls out. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. It’s also frost free, meaning the days of manually defrosting are over. It also boasts the highest energy efficiency we’ve tested for a US-style fridge freezer. Using the touch controls we set the fridge to 4ºC and the freezer to -18ºC. The door-in-door system is handy, and the Smart ThinQ app functionality might save you leaving the door open. Fresh to frozen time of 20 hours was on the money for an appliance of this size, and temperature stability throughout the compressor cycle was also very good. The horizontal handles keep the door edges clean, and the indent makes this look like a four-door model. We were expecting nearer 7-8kWh per week for this size of appliance. In another very practical touch, the settings are labelled ‘fruit’ and ‘vegetables’ to save you trying to remember which produce should have more or less humidity. The lower shelves and drawers were very stable at +/- 1.5ºC and +/- 1ºC respectively. Okay, we do wonder how much energy that really saves. This allows quick and easy access to bottles and goods stored in the door pockets. It offers over 400 litres of usable chiller space spread across four shelves, three drawers, five door pockets and a wine rack. Try Which? The upper shelves are truncated to allow for the ice mechanism on the door. But fancy features aside, is there anything else that makes this American fridge freezer stand out from the crowd? More accurately, it stops it being replaced by warm air from your kitchen, which saves energy. we aim to recommend the best products for you to buy. Throw open the full doors and you’re greeted with two well-lit and well-appointed compartments. Given nearby plumbing, we’d opt for the plumbed-in version every time, but this LG offers a very good plug-and-play solution for those without. Beneath the second shelf down is a handy, shallow drawer. With over 600 litres of usable space to chill or freeze, and the disadvantage of tall compartments, side-by-side fridge freezers tend to be the least energy efficient of all. Yet this LG’s lowest door pocket is more than tall enough for 2-litre pop bottles; the next one up easily holds 2-litre and 4-litre plastic milk cartons. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. Add in that addictive InstaView feature and door-in-door convenience, and LG’s GSX961NSAZ is a premium fridge freezer favourite. 4.8. Other than the huge lower door pocket in the fridge, the remaining four are shrouded by a semi wrap-around clear shield. We double-checked all the parameters, ensured the environmental chamber was running at the right temperature, and ran the test for a further week. freezer food temp. When you click on a retailer link on our site, we may earn affiliate commission.

lg gsx961nsvz review

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