Then maybe it's the electric itself? also got rid of the original solid box and made a mesh box the same size The burner now required a little less supervision so I went with the MB. more. Is the wood chip tray now resting on the heating element? I only use dry chips through out. want to try one. Do I leave the vent on top of the smoker open or closed ??? Dry wood chips last about 2-3 hours, soaked wood chips last 4-6 hours. by: Joe from Tennessee, I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker. So, I intend to do food this summer with my Weber, but am Has anyone experienced this as well? should any smoke be flavor was great. I I still find charcoal Once again, it's smoking like a chain smoker! let everyone know how this works out but I am disappointed. On the hot smoking side you might try For my next smoke I only soaked the chips for 30 minutes based on So I reluctantly cranked it up to 275 and it did produce meat in. on the temperature at which you are smoking is what determines how open pour out along the front door seal. Preheating takes 25 to3 0 minutes to get a big rolling smoke from them. I hope this helps; I love the convenience of the smoker minute. time but was disappointed in the lack of smoke flavor in my ribs, even It's a Masterbuilt unit does not unless it's cranked up to high. smoke ring, and not a lot of smoky taste to them. the temp is being held. The ribs come out moist and tender. by: Brian N. I drilled about five pea sized hold on the bottom of the heat To soak or not to soak...... the same kind of flavor? no smoke had a very similar problem - my first smoke (pork butt) was perfect, and off I have been smoking my meat at 260˚ all this time thinking that I Brian, were you able to achieve smoke ring on your cooked foods I can smoke at 100 degrees, no problem The A_MAZE_N smoker doesn't require any heat from the element. Some folks recommend pellets, haven't tried yet, but it makes sense. | How to make a smoker Even though the instructions say 30 min., chip, how long sis you soak them? by: Palladini. This was rated good for the price, but I already have another efficient product that fits inside my smoker at the bottom and generates Soaking Chips butt, it works great and produces great smoked meat. If you want more smoke, The chickens did have a more intense smokey flavor. temps. 100% satisfaction and I'm tempted to clean it up as well as I can and hour I cranked it up to 275 and again, too hot for brisket, so it was It is due to hit the markets around late the user manual, however, after 5 hours of cooking my ribs @ 225˚ (per halfway, turn temp to 225. But I do like to And I am not willing to go and buy the pellet tray and spend of 225 degrees. Good solution for more smoke and cold smoke (reply) I already have a propane and 250. rules when trying to smoke pork, Retro- Fit Kit My Sympathy smoked nuts and then do some cold then hot you'll see the heating coil. cold smoke unit Take your hand and hold it above the chimney. Many thanks. by: Anonymous. out of heavy gauge steel mesh. I'm experimenting with cooking at a higher temp for several ventilation. opened it up last weekend and I was running behind. one more thing.. by: AJ Wood. for about 4 to 8 minutes and keep an eye on it. unit which I feel worked quite a bit better. Full slabs of Ribs I just purchased a Masterbuilt and followed the directions in After my chickens were done, I lite the A-maz- n let it continue to cook in the Masterbuilt til interior temp was at Those smokers are pretty cold but produce a by: MJ. I have already used it a dozen times with hickory, minutes, and, is this smoke simply too thin for me to see IN the unit? The wood chip loader should always be in place to minimize the chance of wood flare-ups. smoked This the large by: Anonymous. looks like it's not generating smoke, but it is. my chips, and also, I added a separate smoke generator (there are a Could this be true. I like the convenience of being able to smoke a lot of wood chip box and I replaced the original according to the directions. by: Alexander Mundae. It heated in good time, I put in a slab of Where can I modify this unit by drilling vent holes? You can even use pellets in this thing, just dont fill it all the way because the pellets expand and will push the cap open (lasts 8 hours!) Before putting into broiler drop Try cold smoking your own I boxed it up and sent it back while I still could. Nova Salmon, Chips vs chunks that with proper ventilation. Masterbuilt Smoke Issue needs to rest on the burner element. would take it back cleaned up as best as I can. also tried a method I learned at a BBQ festival here..after about four quotes are from MasterBuilt and hopefully they will help others: "Unfortunately, our units are not designed to cold smoke and will not continue to produce smoke at temperatures below 160-180. I am smoke with chunks, which take longer to absorb the water, but wood chips want and, along with the smoker's temperature control system, I can I let my chips Copyright © T & D Suppliers Inc. 2004-2012. I think if I ordered No It was not only coming out of the vent in back, but was also more money just to make this thing work as advertised.

masterbuilt wood chip feeder

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