"We are a family of four from Sydney Australia and love nature - bush to beach. Basically, it means running and jumping down a steep sandy slope into one of the volcanic craters. Meanwhile, Kayla goes through the plan for the 4-5-hour trip including a hike around the crater of the volcano. Or maybe he meant running. This means fast-drying walking apparel like hiking pants, merino or gym shirt. We respect your privacy. Up, for the Lake Rotomahana view. Steve performed a Maori blessing, thanking the spirits of Maori chiefs who inhabit Mt Tarawera for letting us visit their grounds and asking for a safe walk. Makes you see why people like camping in this area. We start walking and Steve points out what we would normally see if we weren’t stuck in the clouds. We keep walking along the fissure to the end of the crater where the last steep part awaits us. Send me an email. Two years after first learning about the Mount Tarawera Crater Walk, Kaitiaki Adventures guides Steve and Kyle take us on the tour. It must have made one feel quite insignificant in the larger scheme of things. encountered! That area is small and wouldn't cope with the volume. This 15 km walk takes you through beautiful lake edge forest, crossing natural flowing springs with access along the way to sandy swimming beaches. ride one day. On that note, all that's left is for you to enjoy your walk. The Tarawera Trail at Lake Tarawera, Rotorua is becoming known as one of New Zealand’s most stunning day walks. The driver of our boat (are they called drivers) lied to us (insert your favourite cuss word here). You could wear sneakers but I highly suggest proper hiking boots as you’d collect all the volcanic sand and scree in shoes. This road takes you all the way through to Te Waiora carpark (the trail start point) or carry on to to check out Lake Tarawera at the Landing (traditional name Punaromia) where you can: Along the way you will pass the Redwoods, the turn off to Lake Okareka, Blue & Green Lakes and Buried Village. A group on the tarawera crater walk on a sunny day (pic courtesy of Kaitiaki Adventures). He said that it was a small climb uphill, like 10min small, to get to the top of the Rotomahana Ridge. The thing about Mount Tarawera is that it takes you by surprise, and no words can do it justice when you suddenly arrive at the crater’s edge. Because I know my way around the country and have decades of experience creating bespoke itineraries! Thank you, so much easier. I'm sure it took us at least 20 minutes. Trails & Walks. A little side story. At a normal pace it would take 5-6hrs because you throw in rest Infamous for its eruption on June 10th, 1886, Mt Tarawera created the world’s youngest geothermal valley of Waimangu, at the same destroying the legendary Pink and White Terraces. Katoa Jet offers high octane fun be it hair-whipping jet boating, birds-eye view parasailing or entertaining tours to Mokoia Island or Manupirua Hot Springs. At the bottom of the volcanic crater awaits the ‘School of Rock’ where Steve shows us various types of volcanic rocks and explains why and how they look as they do. During this period of uncertainty, some local attractions and businesses may be closed or have limited hours. Access is by boat or walking in. Being one of the few mountains in the area, the rain cloud got stuck and we are soaked within minutes of leaving the bus. in the the middle of nowhere. And how this brought about disastrous social problems as old ways were left behind. On arrival at Hot Water Beach camping ground it was a quick toilet stop before beginning our walk. Great service. " I didn’t, but instead, I discovered a tour that would lead the top of my New Zealand travel bucket list: Mount Tarawera Crater Walk. Find out how it works, and why vanity has to be left at home. your website is the best resource for planning a trip there that I have Over-hanging it all would have been the brooding presence of Mount Tarawera (pre-eruption in 1886). Taking a calculated guess, if the trail gets the amount of walkers expected (in excess of 33,000yr) it makes sense to have parking away from the Landing. Discover the unique lifestyle, heritage and history of the Tuhourangi people, who used to live on the shores of Lake Tarawera and guide overseas visitors to see the Pink & White terraces. By Karen Shelford, A snow-capped Mount Tarawera - taken from the look-out on Tarawera Rd, just before descending to the Landing. Whakarewarewa - The Living Māori Village, Katoa Jet Boat Rides, Parasailing, and Tours in Rotorua, Get Your Game on Zorbing In Rotorua, New Zealand, Grab a coffee and something to eat (shore up those reserves) at the Landing Cafe, then relax while taking in the view of Mount Tarawera, View the ancient Punaromia Rock Art Site on a cliff face (caged), a100m walk to the left of the beach if facing the water. Mt Tarawera is a mountain and weather can change quickly. To Lakes Tarawera (above) and Rotomahana (below) at least. Vs. what the view could’ve looked like. or cruising the streets with one arm, bent at the elbow, casually hanging out the window. Lake views from hilltops and from lovely little bays, towards dominating mount Tarawera and mount Edgecumbe further away. Thank you, so much easier.". This mostly depends on your further itinerary. I have managed to get a great deal through 'book me', so once again thank you so much. See more with a selection of tours I've put together on my Viator partner page. About It's a great place for families to stay over the summer period. This 15 km walk takes you through beautiful lake edge forest, crossing natural flowing springs with access along the way to sandy swimming beaches. Trying to decide which geothermal park you should visit? We followed your ideas today for blue lake and green lake, and went to the Landing Cafe first, brilliant we would have missed Lake Tarawera otherwise and it is so beautiful and peaceful. :P" Vicky - Auckland, New Zealand, Copyright© 2011-var today=new Date() Rosie, "Thank you for your prompt response.

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