Since non-Muslim students cannot be allowed to study from the Holy Book, they must be separated. The government has taken on one of the most important areas of the new and future Pakistan early in its time in office. Urdu, on the other hand, although spoken by tens of millions of Indians and once the language of the Bombay film industry, is absent from a list that includes Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Pali, Persian, and Prakrit. India must look towards its glorious past, declares the NEP, with that past exclusively Hindu. It is proof of the importance the government places on the social sectors and indeed education, and its willingness to … National Education Policy (2017-2025): This policy was announced by the Ministry of Federal Education of Pakistan. Henceforth, bearded men from the Ittehad Tanzimat-i-Madaris (Coalition of Madressah Organisers) will decide what Pakistani children will learn and will also scrutinise their textbooks. It was exciting to read the new government’s ‘National Education Policy Framework’, which was launched just about one and half weeks ago. I’d suggest we must in debates and policy documents pay more attention to these aspects of education and socialization, and I’d certainly say we should emphasize the value of education in itself. 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English-medium schools, not traditional patshalas and gurukuls, modernised India and gave it global clout. But the situation is not normal, hence entirely different and more drastic medicines must be prescribed. However, in 2009 the government approved the new national education policy, which stipulates that education expenditure will be increased to 7% of GDP, an idea that was first suggested by the Punjab government. Education is mainly about what takes places in the classroom and school, and that resources should rather be put there, not in IT. Perhaps less realized is that the madrasah schools have important contributions to make to the overall education of the country, especially if we give more attention to moral education and ethics. The major aspect, aims and goals of National Education Policy include Promotion of Islamic values through education, improvement in women education, range of general and technical education at secondary level, demand oriented curriculum, expended span of graduation and post graduation, use of AV aids promoting private sector to participate in enhancement of literacy. The RSS follows its guru, MS Golwalkar, who suggested India learn from Hitler in keeping races pure. I think we should also give the male and female youth and young adults top priority along with children. But the policy document doesn’t seem to give as high priority to youth and adult education as to education for children. The major programs and targets proposed for promotion of higher education include: increase access from the current 8% to 15% of the 17-23 age group; initiatives of establishing community colleges in underserved areas to prepare certified technically competent manpower; establish 15 new public … The values, ethics, work methods and the overall atmosphere of a school, including how teachers relate to other teachers, how they relate to their students, and how students relate to each other, are furthermore part of the important ‘hidden curriculum’, all those visible and invisible aspects of education. On the other hand, the Pakistani policy document is half-baked, wrapped in multiple layers of confusion, and will almost certainly flounder. Minimum Standards for Quality Education in Pakistan: January 17, 2017: True: 8: National Education Policy 2009: August 21, 2014: True: 9: National Plan of Action- A Landmark Achievement: September 10, 2013: True: Quick Links. The goal is to … In any case, in our time, we need systematic education; and literacy is an absolute must for a person, male or female. RSS pracharaks are jubilant but Indians face a reality check. The government of Punjab has announced the new education policy 2020 for all government school teachers. The government has certainly realised the seriousness situations and urgent needs in the social sectors. One worries because in BJP-ruled states, leaders have demanded removal of references to Mughal emperors Akbar and Aurangzeb to make space for Hindu kings like Maharana Pratap and Shivaji. The new education policies of India and Pakistan will further divide them, both from each other as well as within each country. Majoritarian consensus against their respective religious minorities will be hugely strengthened. Still better: my computer word search yielded only two occurrences of the word “religion”, both times in the harmless context of the NEP’s purported inclusion of all religions. Unfortunately, the policy paper does not clearly state that education has a value in itself, and that it has ‘hidden curriculum’ values that are important for every person’s life. The NEP hints at, but leaves unspecified, what textbooks will contain. This is how important this task is for the people of Pakistan and the government. But it is only Step 1. But, as Indian secularism retreats, this is now disappearing. Furthermore, when about half of the country’s adult citizens are illiterate, it is again a deeply serious issue, with major gender, geographic and economic difference, and to improve the situation should be addressed as the emergency it is – with great potential for development. It is proof of the importance the government places on the social sectors and indeed education, and its willingness to address the important issues soon. We shouldn’t use the term ‘minimum standards’; we should just call them basic or common standards, which should be such that all children can manage to reach them. I also believe that the document’s focus on management information, measuring of outcomes, and such other more bureaucratic aspects, is given more attention than required. But if it is implemented, it will lead to fasaadi extremism of a kind that operations like Radul Fasaad cannot ever defeat. I am glad that the role and importance of the madrasah schools are mentioned so clearly. But inside the NEP’s not-so-hidden agenda are the clear wishes of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the BJP’s ideological parent. FM Qureshi, Saudi counterpart discuss Kashmir dispute, OIC role, PM Khan to address WEF's Strategy Dialogue on Pakistan. Yes, indeed an important step which opens the debate about one of Pakistan’s most important sectors. Higher Education Commission ; … The figure used is 22.5 million children. I want the whole country and everyone in it to take part in the discussion and implementation of the broad ‘Naya Pakistan Education Campaign’. Will history be dispassionately presented as a series of invasions which, layer by layer, built Indian culture over the millennia? In spite of 30 languages, 130 dialects, and well over a dozen faiths, India took barely 50 years to create a national identity after Jawaharlal Nehru set it on a secular track.

new education policy in pakistan

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