Favorite Add to More colors Mens' Peccary Fingerless Driving Leather Gloves … You have to give them some rest from time to time. Too short finger measurement may cause breakage in the sewing or tearing of the leather. To restore the original fit, simply stretch the glove over the edge of a table, by just holding the fingertips with one hand and the cuff opening with the other. We only work with the finest materials, that’s why we only sell Peccary leather. Also, the constant wear of one pair of gloves is never wise. Enjoy our free shipping worldwide! Boris – Peccary leather gloves – men. Peccary Accessories . MAPCOM SAC ist ein peruanisches Unternehmen, das sich auf die Verarbeitung und den Export von peccaryenleder spezialisiert hat. Too short finger measurement may cause breakage in the sewing or tearing of the leather. Whatever is the reason why you have them or are thinking of buying some peccary leather gloves, we can assure you they are an investment and we’ll tell you how to buy them here. Very exotic and luxurious. Peccary leather gloves adjust to your hand within a few hours of wearing them. If your peccary leather gloves become dirty then this is how you clean them: The glove cutter determines the elasticity of each glove, to ensure a perfect fit. Highest quality ! You can read a review we wrote on gloves made out of peccary leather … Add to wishlist Men’s black carpincho winter gloves … Flexibility exists horizontally but not vertically. Flexibility exists horizontally but not vertically. Hand … High quality leather gloves by Hungant Peccary leather gloves adjust to your hand within a few hours of wearing them. In winter, we use them primarily to protect our hands and its digits. Rub the soap into your gloves and rinse under running water making sure all the soap is gone from your gloves. Therefore, it’s very important for the fingers to have enough length, a couple of millimeters extra on the tip of the fingers. The size is measured snugly around the knuckles -which is the widest part of the hand – excluding the thumb. Only exceedingly skilled master glove cutters can cut the peccary hide correctly, resulting in a uniquely well-fitting product. Leather gloves have been around for centuries and typically an accessory that has become a necessity. PECCARY LEATHER. It can be used for gloves, shoes, garments, and accessories industries. UNSERE FIRMA. Amazonian wild hog. Peccary leather is primarily used for high-end gloves. Because Fort Belvedere peccary gloves can last you for decades, we want to make sure to add a certain amount of stain resistance without sacrificing on the patina development. We offer superior quality for Luxury garments, gloves and accessories. After they are cleaned, gently squeeze out the remaining water and DO NOT twist your gloves because that would damage them. 8 Products . Your gloves will take many hours to dry and during this time, make sure to put them on a few times and reshape them on your hands while they dry. Avoid any kind of heat source as this will damage the leather. In the case you spilled something, or they just get damp because of the weather, you will give that pair some time to dry and prevent a faster wear out. Be careful not to dry out the leather and use a mild soap with natural fat. By doing so, the elasticity of the leather will return to the original shape. 8 Products . Men's Gloves . We offer superior quality for Luxury products and accessories. When putting on your peccary gloves, pull them gently over the hand by pulling the palm and the back of the glove alternately down towards the wrist. Peccary Men's Gloves Discover our extensive collection of luxury gloves. We only work with the finest materials, that’s why we only sell Peccary. Salcantay – Peccary leather gloves – women, Huascaran – Peccary leather gloves – women, Alpamayo – Peccary leather gloves – women, Vilcabamba – Peccary leather gloves – men. For example, if the circumference of your hand is 18,5 cm, divided by 2,5 it makes 7,5 which means your size is 7-7,5. The perfect finishing touch.....and will keep you warm as well. Then you know the size is correct. How To Recognize Genuine Peccary Leather From Fake Peccary Leather, Similarities and Differences Between Peccary and Carpincho (Capybara). Try to reshape them a bit in order to get back the original fit. Try to avoid water whenever you can. ELMA Winter Leather Gloves for Men - Mens Cashmere/Fleece Lined Glove for Motorcycle Driving Rid… From smooth to grainy leather, soft suede and intricate tweed, our men's collection uses the finest range of materials and linings to create the ultimate accessory. Rated 4.39 out of 5 $ 249.00 $ 212.00. If a darker stain appears from being wet, gently rub in some talcum powder and the stain will most likely fade. MERAKI adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing such as: 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. However, after a period of use, it is normal for the glove to widen over the hand. When our peccary gloves get damp or dirty they are in need of special care and if not done properly they will get damaged. 12 Products . Rarely the subject of whim, it’s attended instead [read more...]. Bespoke leather gloves since 1925. If you can, try to build up a smart peccary glove collection for various temperatures and occasions. Unlined gloves are perfect for early fall and spring. The gloves are made out of one piece of leather, the best quality peccary leather. MERAKI wishes you to be satisfied with every purchase but we know that sometimes this is not the case. For your fingers and thumb stretch each finger from the bottom and work your way to the tip, ideally with four or five strokes per finger. If the product is defective you can return any order for a refund within 30 days from the date of shipment. Wearing the glove, grab it from the outer side of the palm and give it a little stretch. The sizing of the peccary leather gloves is based on inches, one inch corresponds about 2,5 centimeters. Amazonian wild hog. Unsere Firma. By the way, when your lining wears out, replace it (this is possible and you can bring it to our store for repairs). 4.5 out of 5 stars (200) 200 reviews $ 147.00. Select options. It is, therefore, better to measure the size of the hand that is used most, because the muscles are usually bigger in that hand. Apart from the soft supple feel, peccary develops a nice patina over time and the leather … When trying on a pair of gloves for the first time, bend the hand upwards and make sure you get a small fold over the knuckles. Peruvian Leather Gloves. Whether it is for the cold wind or if you are a stylish person, they are a fashion accessory. From the Wilds of Peru . https://peccaryleather.com/blog/peccary-leather-gloves-the-complete-guide Alpaca lined are good for colder days and winter. From shop StrixArtAccessories. Now let them dry out in a flat surface preferably at room temperature. Peccary Peccary leather gloves for men-driving gloves/ leather gloves/ riding-mens gloves- durable leather/ driving gloves/ peccary skin gloves StrixArtAccessories. All our leathers come with CITES certification. Get a measuring tape based on centimeters and get the right measure by dividing the result by 2,5. Free Shipping on all orders. All our Peccary leathers come with CITES certification. Our hands also vary in shapes; some are narrow with long fingers, some wide with short fingers or a combination of these. Manufacturer of peccary, deerskin, lambskin leather gloves in any style and color. We recommend altering with a second pair if you use them regularly. The leather, however, may hold for a lifetime if you care for it properly. Very exotic and luxurious. Peccary Leather. Therefore, it’s very important for the fingers to have enough length, a couple of millimeters extra on the tip of the fingers. Browse our categories. Men’s custom size peccary leather gloves with quirks between the fingers hand-sewn and hand-tailored. The world's rarest and most luxurious gloving leather, originating from wild hogs in South America. You can shop at MERAKI with confidence. When the glove stretches just a couple of millimeters the fit is just right. Dents is one of the few glove manufacturers in the world that still uses this very special leather… First, put them on and soak them under running lukewarm water or in a bowl. However, all hands are unique, and one hand is always slightly larger than the other. Then gently stretch the back of the glove against the table. Avoid pushing down between the fingers. What Makes Fort Belvedere Peccary Gloves Special? The manufacture of our peccary leather gloves is very high quality. When you take off your gloves start by gently pulling each finger and then all fingers at the same time. Willkommen bei Peccary Leather. All peccary gloves must be hand sewn due to the quality of the leather. Großhandel mit Pekari-Leder. Women's Gloves .

peccary leather gloves

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