Currently, the cut flower market is dominated by the double-flowered pink variety Sarah Bernhardt, introduced in 1895. It avoid the plants getting damaged of heavy rainfall. Around 65 growers met inside CNB’s headquarters for their annual meeting on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. It is seen as very rewarding to grow for commercial business as it is long lasting with an excellent range of colourful blooms. 70 million stems were sold in the Netherlands in 2016, 85 million in 2017. Once the planting site has been selected and the soil prepared, the plants can be planted. Of these, half came from outside the Netherlands, from twenty other countries. These include Canada, Alaska and Scandinavian countries – notably Norway and Finland. China’s ornamental horticulture in focus - Author: Wen-Ke Dong* BEIJING, China: Ornamental horticulture and landscaping in…, Webinar on Intellectual Property Protection in the Green Value Chain - Plant breeders, growers, traders and retailers are invited to a…, Get ready now! Other hybrids which are growing in popularity are the so-called Intersectional hybrids, a cross between tree Paeonia and herbaceous Paeonia. The root must be planted with the buds pointing up at a depth of 5cm and the storage roots sloping gently downwards. A plus point for the peony is that freshly cut flowers store well. Recently, the webinar “Current Management and Research on Cut Peonies” was hosted through NC State’s Department of Horticultural Science. Most of them are popular for the commercial production of fresh cut flowers, except the single ones. The spacing between the plants ensures some air circulation and not too  much root competition. “This is a fact which we all must seriously ponder. There is keen interest also in Poland and Russia. The correct planting depth is very important. Along with Nathan, … Van Dongen encouraged present-day peony growers to tell their stories as part of brand marketing initiatives. Growers Jan Dekker, H. van Dongen and Itoh Peony Plus received award certificates for the best lactiflora in show (‘Pietertje Vriend-Wagenaar’), the best itoh peony ( ‘Bartzella’) and the best potted peonies ( ‘Bartzella’, ‘Cora Louise’and ‘First Arrival’), respectively. In 2017, there were 500 trade visitors during the eight days of the event. The area in production in Ireland is currently small - the Netherlands remains a major producer of cut flower peony with peak production in May- June. The changing – and expanding – world map of peony production is increasingly reflected in the visitors to the annual CNB Dutch peony weeks. Identify your target market. Examples of Hybrids are: Coral Sunset; Cytherea; Flame; Henry Bockstoce; Lorelei; Old Faithful; Red Charm; Salmon Glory; Summer Glow and many others., SUBSCRIBE to the FREE fci digital magazine, When I was tasked with writing an article about a Miami based import company I started […]. It is very important to plant Paeonia on a clean field, free of perennial weeds and root-spreading weeds. Coral Sunset, Red Charm and Alex Fleming are the next three. Optimum pH is 6.5 Too deep planting causes non-flowering of the plants. The Netherlands is the source of most planting stock for almost all these countries. The lateness of spring in countries at high latitudes is a positive factor in a global market. All are double flowers unless otherwise indicated. Peonies that were planted long ago are often seen flowering around older homes and also may be seen at abandoned rural house sites where they continue to flower regularly with no  current care. The Chinese already chose it as the principal country flower in the Tang Dynasty . No garden is complete without these imposing plants. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you agree. Paeonia for the production of fresh cut flowers Peonies are classic garden plants that add a bit of nostalgia and charm to the garden.

peony cut flower production

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