Announcing the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2020 Winners, endobj To meet the demand for food production, Neurafarm makes smart and data-driven technology accessible to all farmers. Congratulations Team Kenya, a small country to watch on thriving in great innovations from it largest population of youth passionate about technology. Through Gramhal, farmers store their produce in a warehouse, access credit against it, and sell it at a favorable time. In its fourth year now, the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge is an online competition that awards cash prizes to early-stage startups that have developed a solution that drives economic development or solves a social or environmental problem. Learn more on the team’s website. Please check out our blog series featuring each winning team! Thank you very much Cisco for this opportunity. <> social, blog, newsletter, webinar, etc.) 9 0 obj endobj Respira Labs (University of California, Berkeley, USA) is developing a low-cost, wearable device, Sylvee, for continuous, at-home monitoring of lung function for patients with respiratory diseases like COPD. Learn more on the team’s website. Welcome to Math Challenge! Neurafarm (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia) has developed AI-powered crop protection and management apps to identify plant disease and pests, increase harvest, connect with experts, and tap into bigger markets. 6 0 obj <> <> Cisco Blogs / Executive Platform / Announcing the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2020 Winners. 8 0 obj Preemar (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico) makes a device called Pro-viden, that reduces agriculture farms’ losses by measuring water parameters that impact aquaculture organisms. Congratulation Cisco for this program. Thanks to CISCO CSR team and Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge 2020! Their AI-enabled ICT solution prevents milk spoilage and maximizes profits for dairy producers. Arosia is a kiosk that allows for people to have access to clean water where systems may not be readily available to purify water. Broncos Briefs: Fixing turnover problem will be challenge against opportunistic Miami defense Tight end Noah Fant (ribs) sat out practice along with three other players, including Drew Lock stream endobj Learn more on the team’s website. In 2016, Cisco made a commitment to positively impact one billion people by 2025. Learn more on the team’s website. CURE (University of Sousse, Tunisia) has created customizable 3D-printed bionic arms for people with limb differences at an affordable price. Congratulations to Team Kenya indeed!! Since the program began in 2016, we have awarded $900,000 USD in prize money to 30 startups from 12 countries – helping them accelerate their breakthrough technologies. Learn more on the team’s website. In a survey of B2B marketers published on LinkedIn, only 39% consideredthemselves at least somewhat successful at tracking ROI. With multichannel campaigns (e.g. $.' %���� stream 10 0 obj CURE’s 3D printed prosthetics are controlled by the wearers’ muscles and are easy-to-use and to assemble. 2 0 obj Learn more on the team’s website. Majicom’s water kiosk combines innovative purification, storage, payment, and digital reward and monitoring functionality into a flexible product. Sensegrass (Jaipur National University, India) has created a smart farming solution that combines IoT sensors and AI agronomical software to allow farmers to measure data and analyze the health of their soil. PROBLEM SOLVING STRATEGIES MATH CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT Testimonials About MATH CHALLENGE 2020-2021. PS-1925 is an AI system that can cover almost ten times the amount of land in an hour that someone can manually do on their own in a day, decreasing the harmful effects of pesticides and increasing the overall output of crops for farmers. We want to encourage them to address some of the biggest challenges we face by creating cutting-edge, technology-based solutions. <> INFIUSS helps address critical blood shortages in low-resource hospital settings. 7 0 obj Gramhal’s model empowers farmers and enables them to access better prices for their produce and increase their income. Intelligent Hives (Lodz University of Technology, Poland) provides an easy-to-use intelligent apiary management system that increases beekeepers’ revenues and reduces global bee extinction. %PDF-1.5 endobj <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> �~隀���oO6�#���έw3�����{��ԏ��̽���/�w�~�vM�s��Ό�HDU�5��Ж@���RpP�"�c�вڛ $��-V�/�l��-g�EvH�h�#�Q������Wf�x8 �^`�2 �H�M�������&�T�F�֠ikh�P$�� 戁dQY#p3�� ���L/M��O%�_���g����Tg$�B!�F�I�^�i�C�8�Hs�5i�̻�������{�FV��^?O|����e�����4I�֨ƐK�$�ưI#~ �h(�R ��s)��p�2*c۰���y���ZkKFt�����S����{r�Օ�u�T���u��0}�`��b�� q����j���V�~L���`�>�*D�Ph���46�*�po^w�/��9!0X�.��,E��g)�['6h�%��QSH��M(bd��,U�cs���ae䲑�9�Y_/Q�i

problem challenge 2020

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