The marketing concept is a process when a company plans and implements to maximize profit by increasing sales, satisfying customer’s needs and beating competitors. What are the Marketing Concepts? production concept bietet umfangreiche Dienstleistungen für nationale und internationale Film- und Fernsehprojekte. Production Concept. Product concept is the understanding of the dynamics of the product in order to showcase the best qualities and maximum features of the product. A product concept is a high level statement of the value of a product or service. Probably the best example is the development of the Ford Motor Company. Von der Idee bis zum fertigen Produkt verbindet production concept alle Produktionsabläufe und Dienstleistungen der TV- und Filmproduktion effektiv unter einem Dach. Marketing concept. Marketers spend a lot of time and research in order to target their attended audience. Sales concept. The key questions that a company needs to ask itself before producing an item are − Can we produce the item? According to the production concept, a company should focus on those items that it can produce most efficiently and also focus on creating supply of low-cost items that create the demand for the products. Where developing a product can be a highly technical task steeped in details, customers may only think of your product in terms of a concept that can be described in a few words. Product concept in marketing puts more emphasis on the idea that companies can only achieve success by meeting the demands of their customers. It has appeared in the early 20th century in the U.S.. Since the beginning, customers have always been the driving force behind every business, and this clearly explains why the concept is an integral part of any marketing plan. As a basis to planning, product is second only to market and marketing research. Marketers will look into a product concept before marketing a product towards their customers. According to this concept, customers prefer cheap and easily available products reachable on the unsaturated market.. In fact, the success of your business was, is and will always be … Production concept. Product Concept. Production concept is one of the oldest business concepts. The basis of this thinking is that the customers get attracted towards the products of good quality. The purpose is to create a situation that benefits both parties; customer and the company. Managerial Dimension: It covers the core specifications or physical attributes, related service, brand, package, product life-cycle, and product planning and development. The product concept has three dimensions: ADVERTISEMENTS: i. The product offering must balance with consumer-citizen needs and desires. Those companies who believe in this philosophy are of the opinion that if the quality of goods or services is of good standard, the customers can be easily attracted.

production concept in marketing

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