Once your summer-fruiting raspberries have finished cropping, it’s time to cut out the stems that bore fruit this year.. Keep raspberries well-watered during dry periods. All bramble fruit produces canes (primocanes) that spend the first season beefing up and storing food for its grand finale in its second year (when they're called floricanes). Whereas red/yellow raspberries grow sturdy, unbranched primocanes, black raspberries sprout long, branching, supple primocanes that tend to head back to earth. If you are transplanting part of an existing raspberry plant in your garden, you want the mother plant to be healthy. Just remember that pruning raspberries is vital for ensuring bountiful future harvests. All About Pruning Raspberries. Read on to learn how to prune those berry bushes to keep them in great shape. Digging Raspberries. • plants will take up … Summer-fruiting (floricane) raspberries - produce flower and fruit on year-old canes (the previous season’s growth) Cut back fruited canes to … Pruning and training. Regular annual pruning will result in healthier plants and better quality crops. Now for pruning! The suckering nature of raspberry plants means that if left unpruned they become very congested, produce small fruits, and outgrow their allocated space. It’s only since working in gardens myself that I’ve become aware of just how many of us green-fingered folk have fruit gardens. Black raspberries are easy to grow, but if you want to reap a good harvest, training and pruning them are essential. In early summer, pull up suckers between the rows of summer raspberries. Pruning. ulleo / Pixabay. When your done pruning you can transplant if you need to. When pruning make sure to clip right to the ground and remove. If you are like me then you may think that method #1 is a whole bunch of work!! Cut back fruited canes to ground level after harvesting in summer; do not leave old stubs. When working with the raspberries i recommend using leather gloves to protect yourself. Summer-fruiting raspberries. The first year we grew ever-bearing raspberries I used method #1 and then to be honest with you I got tired of it! Pruning Everbearing Raspberries for 1 fall crop. This encourages new stems to grow from the base, which will carry fruit next summer. • bushes will look wild and lose their advantage as a beautiful landscape planting. If you DON’T train and prune black raspberries… • berries will be smaller. The canes are independent of each other and stubs are harder to remove later.

pruning and transplanting raspberries

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