[16] Zeratul recognized Raynor to be highly resourceful,[59] while Selendis saw Raynor to be a cunning commander. However, Raynor found Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk, who revealed he owned the Moebius Foundation, and the Raiders were unwittingly working for him. The train rushed away, taking away all the treasure, but Pax remained with some rippers. His marine portrait is available for players who complete the Devoted Fan achievement by purchasing the Collector's Edition of Wings of Liberty. Although healing within Bunker is possible. Raynor and Horner decided to steal it; they could use it to deliver the Confederate adjutant's information to the Dominion citizenry. The pair made their escape to the penthouse above the bank as part of their escape plan, but were slowed down by Raynor's wound and a third appearance by Daun, who managed to corner them. Based in the Badlands, the two developed a routine of seizing Confederate credits (and in Raynor's case, antiques such as a Colt Single Action Army and jukebox), spending them and beginning the cycle over. [91] Not long after this however, the zerg launched an invasion of Mar Sara. [109], Raynor drinking away his guilt over what happened to Kerrigan, Despite Kerrigan's apparent role as saviour, her role in the present was anything but. The elder Mengsk demanded that Valerian turn over Kerrigan, but he refused, for like Raynor, he knew of the prophecy that pointed to the need for Kerrigan's survival. He agreed to drop him off there and give him a day to conduct his business. Raynor was placed in the medbay of the Hyperion, but refused to talk to anyone. During this series, Reynor adapted to the style of play that Classic displayed in the initial series, reading potential builds, enabling to first show his trademark multitasking. His wins were more convincing, as he won all EU Qualifier Matches pretty one-sidedly and was more consistent in Global Events over the year, like IEM Katowice (Top 8 vs eliminated in Open Bracket), Asus Rog (Top 4 vs eliminated in Group Stage 2) and GSLvsTW (1st vs Ro16). Vanderspool tried to take Pax's gun, but Raynor stepped on his hand, breaking it. Both succeeded in their tasks and Findlay made it onto the freighter without too much vacuum exposure. She offered to turn over ghost technology to Raynor if he would instead attack Tosh's operation. [133], - Kerrigan and Raynor after the latter's de-infestation(src). While there, they were kidnapped by Silas Trask's gang, although Feek was able to escape and warn Raynor. [29] Raynor's Rangers, now known as Raynor's Raiders, had become a rebel movement of their own. [132], Raynor finding about Findlay's deal with Mengsk, By the time Raynor entered Kerrigan's hive, he was committed to what he was about to do— to save Kerrigan, and not look back. At some point Raynor became affiliated with the Alliance, rising to the point of general and taking part in a mission on Dylar IV, though his time at a desk job did not do his physical state any favors. But it 'aint for the likes of us. They planned a train robbery, giving them access to a Confederate adjutant. Hanson revealed her affections, but accepted Raynor's decision. Jim Raynor's regular portrait is available on battle.net for players who complete the Wings of Liberty achievement. And in the meantime, the crime lord had another heist planned that, if done right, could set the pair up for life. The pair had many encounters with the marshal over the years, but always managed to slip away. Still, they managed to make it to the dropship, but had to land on the Bucephalus, to give Kerrigan medical treatment. And it always had been. Their objective was to board the station, get access to the private offices and steal the port junker logs. [34] During a lull in the battle, he rescued Universe News Network reporter Michael Liberty at Anthem Base, who then joined the party. Raynor appears as a hero unit in RISK: StarCraft. Kerrigan thanked Raynor for his help as the Zerg Swarm departed Korhal, and departed with them. Eventually they (and Omer) ended up on the troopship Hydrus, where they would be shipped to the warzone planet of Turaxis II for basic training. Such was Metzen's idea, but the development team reacted negatively, finding it unnecessary, citing issues of player empowerment. [163] Successful, Kerrigan ascended into a xel'naga. Eventually the artifact completely charged up, unleashing its power, killing vast numbers of zerg and deinfesting Kerrigan. Do you remember what I used to tell you, Son? But I can't honestly say that anymore. [29] Raynor was angered and frustrated when Kerrigan was dispatched to defend the primary zerg hives at New Gettysburg from the pursuing protoss; Mengsk feared the protoss would prevent the zerg from delivering the fatal blow to the Confederacy. However, their situation was further complicated by the presence of Wilkes Butler, who was attending the Interstellar Marshals Convention. His next opponent would be the large tournament favorite in Serral. Fortunately, intoxication prevented Raynor from remembering most of it.

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