I don't know if you have any wisdom to share with someone who is on the end of their tether. In reply to Hi so I have this very… by Anonymous (not verified). I always remind myself with this quote when I find myself angry at some. So I called him out on it, and he would tell me it’s because of his anxiety. And you taking on all the responsibility for his well being, while admirable, is destroying your emotional well being. I didn't fight him on it, I left. But at this point, being apart from him is best for you, and, honestly, for him too. Like of I'm suffering, you should share my suffering. He is refusing help. One ? But those outbursts need not define them. I guarantee that one or both of you will start laughing and forgetting why you were angry in the first place. He is a wonderful man and I love him but he has days when he deteriorates and says the most disgusting things about me and my children. He had another severe attack on the 14th when we were supposed to see each other. Perhaps you could try removing yourself from the situation or trying to take a moment to think before replying to somebody? We act first instead of thinking it through, and hurt the other person with our words. They usually fit into one of three categories: I speak to avoid the discomfort of silence. Time has passed and we got into a big argument and he said something really mean and by that time I would tell him that whenever he feels anxious to calm down cause when he doesn’t he just starts to defend himself in any means necessary. I sincerely hope he will find the help he needs, but that is on him now. In August up until the 24th we were still making life plans together. Some days she doesn't think she's worth anything and thinks life would be better for everyone if she wasn't here. I wanted to know if anxiety can make you say nasty things to people because last weekend she actually managed to get herself banned from ever being at my boyfriend's house agin (by his mother!) So this big argument we got into, and he said something so bad that I just ended it because at that point I couldn’t take it. He texted the next day to say Sorry but we haven't spoken or texted since. Anxiety can make us say mean things, regrettably, no matter how nice we are. I don't make excuses for my bad words, but its hard when as you are telling yourself don't dare say that, calm down, your over reacting, this is your anxiety and depression and low self esteem talking, just shush , but then at the same time you're saying mean things. Maybe even 50. People who say in anger things they feel deep down but normally wouldn't out of consideration for the other's feelings. When I thought about it, I decided there are common themes to the things I say which I later regret. What's the point of happiness if I don't want it? In reply to I have a husband who acts… by Anonymous (not verified), help him get help Im getting help and doing better im learning was to not lash out and control my thoughts its new to me only a couple weeks but its so eye opening to see yourself and understand you have a problem. I speak to unload an ego-driven thought. In your case, after what you said to KS below, you are in … When you are angry, do you lash out? Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice as to what I can do. What to do with this? Then when we’d get into arguments, he’d say things that would hurt my feelings. STOP, YOU’LL REGRET IT We can only regret it and say sorry, but the truth will always be there. You Want Me To Focus on Anxiety? I speak with negative emotion like frustration or anger. Write all the things you want to say, no holds barred. Copyright © 2020 7 Cups of Tea. We would argue over the smallest things and it’s always be because he escalates it. Other people will not know how to react around you. Thank you for your… by Anonymous (not verified).

saying mean things out of anger

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