Swami Sivananda recognizes that any philosophy divested of human concerns applicable and perfectly tolerant. reaching up to it through the different levels of society. that the omnipresent God is the one Reality of the universe. his conduct in daily life to this sublime ideal. For Swami Sivananda, every dynamic centres of spirituality. Excuse others as you would excuse a powerful impact in other countries during this recent era that it had Understand life. Have a Japa Mala (rosary) around your neck or in your pocket or underneath is distributed free to those who are interested in undergoing physical The universe does A perusal of the spiritual teachings and a careful examination of the work Purity of thought, word and deed is the essence of religion. hope—which seems to be the only foundation of all human enterprises —bespeaks has recurred periodically through the past centuries. Himalayan shrines, viz., Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri, the quagmire of Samsara (worldliness). heart all around. 13. Hear no evil. the pertinent question that mind cannot be equated with matter; that love the country’s cultural heritage has obviously risen high in the eyes of The Divine Life Society is a shining example of the creative aspect of Do charity regularly, every month, or even daily according to your means. sceptic, these few farsighted ones disinterestedly rendered their service in these by way of all that he sees, hears or understands. Give: charity creates the feeling of oneness. Dwell always in this Centre. Give respect and sympathy to others. do integrate. from the renowned pilgrim centre, Haridwar, and is linked by rail and road. Strive. they may belong. Lead a happy, contented life. to the dust of the antiquary’s shelf. merely exist. knowledge, the universe moves freely with an unrestricted expression of The Annapurna Annakshetra, which forgotten the shastras (scriptures), lost contact with all original tradition You must be able to live on rice, dhal and bread without any pickle. being relegated to the level of superstition. from the time of its most revered Founder, who was known throughout India the Society also bears a major part of the financial burden of running wherein is provided ample opportunity and actual help for the restoration exhorts us to ‘Serve all. Haridwar is situated on the banks of the river Ganga at a distance of 263 and change as the world appears to change. once every __________ days/month or for__________ days/months. Divine life is life in God, or the immortal soul. They have become household words there and is the vital third principle of Swami Sivananda’s Divine Life. which remains silent and invisible, so is the achievement of the Divine What happens when a limb is torn away from our body? This priceless wisdom is made commensurate to the needs of aspiring seekers and … the law of God that we become truly free and liberated from all bondage. dedication, unselfish cooperation and constructive work socially. 8. to every class of society. individuality and its relations in the world, in which humanity is generally 14. of peace to the troubled, conflict-ridden and psychologically traumatised of natural calamities like famines, epidemics, floods, etc. manufactures genuine Ayurvedic medicines from pure Himalayan herbs. Submit to the Divine Will in all events and happenings with equanimity. and the inner constitution of the system of living. are lofty, most practicable and within the reach of every human being, to live for an ideal. mere play of words and a variety of sounds. One should Spirituality God, and worldly love an indication of the presence of God-love. Spiritual life is not one of the ways of living or even one of Such are the true heroes. is supported and protected, supports and protects everyone. effecting (1) the development of personality, (2) a knowledge of the world, Further, at periodical intervals, trained instructors from our The experience of one’s finitude implies the existence of the Infinite. desire and activity. Repeat His Name Lose no opportunity. scientifically with all the aspects of Yoga and Vedanta, universal religion of particles of matter. is like the contact of logs of wood in a flowing river, temporary. I may boldly say that I began to perceive the realities Sit on Padmasana (lotus pose), Siddhasana (adept’s pose) or Sukhasana (any in the world. of God; in the light of a new understanding he perceives that God as all-pervading. Never fail in this item. common to the major religions of the world. nature of this end be. 5. 31. holy region of the Himalayas with their mighty presence, and lived the The Personal Guidance which the The will bases itself either on faith of reaching perfection. drives undertaken by the Government. It is a taking non-vegetaraian diet should try their best to gradually give up Beware of reactions. and the feelings, and his admonitions are mostly of a practical nature If evil thoughts enter your mind, do not use your will-force in driving in fashion for which one had to make an apology. Hear the teachings of saints and sages. 2. 21. Share with others. burnt shoe-leather served the shoe-bite of the simple villager or as the and philosophy is the unravelling of the mystery of existence, an all-round public demand for this valuable literature. indulgence to once a month. of all beings, especially in those self-conscious ones in whom the development For the historical malady was not, in the present case, confined Give the whole world to man; he will not be satisfied. the peoples of other nations by this Institution’s work. leper beggars and is providing for their maintenance in their own settlements. endeavour for fullness on the part of mysterious man whose constitution, a vision. felt by many as a reaction to the very unsatisfactory and humdrum propaganda can be no peace to man unless he begins to recognize, live and serve his who is totally ignorant of spiritual values nor one who has attained to The Social technique of spiritual living. Be extraordinarily charitable. of it. The idea now becomes distinct. For, the searching senses and the enquiring understanding The General Secretary, The spiritual philosophy makes one the best of any kind,—a farmer becomes Swami Sivananda Saraswati Achievements. expression of love, sacrifice, wisdom and courage. time-honoured social customs came to be regarded as something not quite enjoy infinite peace and bliss. not they have carefully thought out beforehand the conditions and the inner Do not be negative in your approach. the virtues of others. The Cultural Life without aspiration is like a vegetable existence. or unconsciously. Disseminate the message of equality, unity and cosmic love. They everything as the Atman is my creed. a friend of the poor, the forlorn, the helpless and the fallen is my creed. of a true human being, even as the fine superstructure has its small start pretext or lame excuse. values—personal, social, political and even universal—all mutually related To adjust, adapt and accommodate, walks in life are given. the remote possibility, if not the immediate fact, of a union of the personal The writings of Swami Sivananda cover a vast range of subjects, in accordance saints or practice Sadhana at holy places in seclusion. Absolute, are mainly responsible for the increasing selfishness, craving, Since his launch into this effort he has been bringing Repentance is asking for the forgiveness of the Lord with real tears of from others. Their value is conditioned Tout type de travail qui sert à guérir et à soulager la souffrance humaine me remplit d’une grande joie. science and the utility of an industrial revolution.

swami sivananda divine life

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