Owns(John,Car1) Sold(John,Car1,Fred) Semantics is True or False depending on the interpretation, i.e. More Answers for Practice in Logic and HW 1.doc Ling 310 Feb 27, 2006 5 15. Translate each of the following sentences into a proposition using predicate logic. 2. what food Alka eats? Using resolution principle answer the following: 1. c. Convert the formulas of part a into clause form. Redo the translations of sentences 1, 4, 6, and 7, making use of the predicate person, as we would have to do if the domain D contains not only humans but cats, Make up any predicates you need. 1 The Syntax of Predicate Logic LX 502 – Semantics I October 11, 2008 1. 1.3: The Sentences of Predicate Logic Last updated Save as PDF Page ID 1802 No headers We now have all the pieces for saying exactly which expressions are going to count as sentences of predicate logic. The use of symbolic logic also makes reasoning formal and mechanical, contributing to the simplification of the reasoning and making it less prone to errors. Translate the following English sentence into Predicate Logic with Identity: Mark Twain is the same writer as Samuel Clemens. is the predicate true of d. Prove that John likes peanuts using b. Make up any predicates you need. Prove that John likes peanuts using backward chaining. Exercise 2: Translate the following sentences into predicate logic. 5 Sentences in First-Order Logic •An atomic sentence is simply a predicate applied to a set of terms. Transcribing English sentences into wffs is sometimes a non-trivial task. Use the following dictionary: \bullet cons[0]: Mark Twain. Translate these sentences into formulas in predicate logic. State what each predicate means and what its domain of discourse is. \bullet cons[1]: Samuel Clemens. Does Milka like pizza? (Details about tense and aspect can be ignored) (7)a.Charles is nice, but Elsa isn’t. c.No one is b.If peter didn’t hear the news from Charles, he heard it from Elsa. Below the Sentence-Level In Propositional Logic, atomic propositions correspond to simple sentences in the object language. Since atomic propositions Translate the following sentences into (WFF) in predicate logic and then into set of clauses. [ Question answering] 74

translate these sentences into formulas in predicate logic

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