The Coronary Care Unit (CCU) has a Ward Manager and a team of nurses who specialise in the care of patients with heart conditions. As soon as this is over they will be allowed to eat and drink again. Whenever a healthcare professional sees a patient on the CCU they should explain what they are doing or plan to do. Most CCUs employ nurses with the most rigorous critical care backgrounds. The John Radcliffe Hospital is a training hospita… Oral β-blocker therapy should be administered in an adequate dose to control heart rate. Foster E, Gerber I: Echocardiography in the coronary care unit: Management of acute myocardial infarction, detection of complications and prognostic implications. Judith A. Mackall, Mark D. Carlson, in Cardiac Intensive Care (Second Edition), 2010, When coronary care units were first developed, therapy focused on suppression of so-called warning arrhythmias (i.e., frequent and complex ventricular ectopy, including R on T ventricular premature beats). Soon thereafter, several clinicians in North America developed specialized units devoted exclusively to the treatment of patients with suspected MI. Download the Coronary Care Unit map (PDF 1Mb)Directions: At the main entrance turn left and follow the corridor all the way round. Killip and Kimball13 published their experience of 250 patients with acute MI treated in a four-bed CCU at New York Hospital–Cornell Medical Center and reported that aggressive medical therapy reduced in-hospital mortality from 26% to 7%. Similarly, low-risk patients who have undergone successful PCI can be directly admitted to the stepdown unit for post-PCI care rather than to the CCU. What are the room rates and the charges for various medical and surgical procedures? “Although frequently sudden, and hence often ‘unexpected,’ the cessation of adequate circulatory function is usually preceded by warning signals.”13 Thus began the era of CCUs throughout the world, with a categorical focus on the prevention of cardiac arrest. Shepard D. Weiner, LeRoy E. Rabbani, in Cardiac Intensive Care (Second Edition), 2010, The first description of the coronary care unit (CCU) was presented to the British Thoracic Society in July 1961.6 CCUs were initially established in the early 1960s in an attempt to reduce mortality from acute myocardial infarction (MI). Pulse oximetry, ECG monitoring, and defibrillation equipment should be available. Desmond Julian was the first to articulate the general construct of a CCU. What vaccines are available (e.g., tetanus, rabies, rabies immune globulin, hepatitis B, hepatitis B immune globulin)? He came to the profound conclusion that “many cases of cardiac arrest associated with acute myocardial ischaemia could be treated successfully if all medical, nursing, and auxiliary staff were trained in closed-chest massage, and if the cardiac rhythm of patients…was monitored by an electrocardiographic link to an alarm system.” His vision for the CCU was founded on the following four basic principles: Continuous electrocardiogram monitoring with arrhythmia alarms, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation with external defibrillator capabilities, Admission of patients with acute MI to a single unit of the hospital where trained personnel, cardiac medications, and specialized equipment were readily available, The ability of trained nurses to initiate resuscitation attempts in the absence of physicians. In a hospital, ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit. 1. If you would like to find out 'who's who' on the CCU, please see the ward notice board, where the names and pictures of the staff on the ward are displayed.

what happens in coronary care unit

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